Workshops at the 9th CHORALP International Singing Week
Atelier Monteverdi 2018

The 9th edition of this International Singing Week will host two musical ateliers that you’ll enjoy discovering, implementing repertoires conducted by internationally renowned chefs.

Full choirs as well as Individual Singers are all welcome to register to these workshops.

Participants may choose between the music workshops:

- Workshop1
   Destino Patagonia
by Sergio Arriagada and "Los Calchakis"
Conductor: Iris Thion-Poncet

- Workshop2
   Irish Ballad, Eternal Ireland
Conductor: Bernie Sherlock

In each workshop, a pilot choir that is already conversant with the scores will assist the registered participants in the repertoire learning process.

Both ateliers are bilingual (French and English).

Rehearsals to be held every morning from 09:00 to noon and in the afternoon from 14:00 to 16:30.
One afternoon during the week is kept free so as to allow sight seeing of the city and surroundings.


The scores of the workshops are on sale at Choralp / A Coeur Joie, post charges included:

- The scores for Workshop Destino Patagonia are available at cost of 16 euros

- The scores for workshop Eternal Ireland are available at cost of 15 euros

Scores may be ordered directly from Choralp/A Coeur Joie at the following address:

Choralp / À Coeur Joie
Les Passerelles
24 avenue Joannes Masset
CS 99261
F - 69264 LYON cedex 09

Note that scores will not be dispatched after June 30 for those who would have ordered them in Lyon.
However they may be purchased on site in Briançon upon arrival.

Payment: By cheque(1) payable to Choralp Briançon, specifying the mailing address for the scores.

(1) Cheques in Euros shall only be accepted when they originate from a French banking account. For the other countries from the Euro zone or outside the latter, please refer to our application fees conditions.