Rencontres chorales internationales
en Briançonnais

du 18 au 25 juillet annulé et reporté en 2021 - du 24 au 31 juillet

CHORALP : Application fees

Please note that during this difficult period the registrations remain open until May, 1st. We still in hope that this event will stand. However, should the event be cancelled, we assure you that all advance payments shall be refunded to every one.
Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of any query on choralp@gmail.com or inscriptions.choralp@gmail.com

The dates indicated are the day of arrival (18/07/20) from 2 to 6 pm and the day of departure (25/07/20) immediately after breakfast.

A 10% discount (non applicable to lodging fees and meal costs) will be granted to any individual registering before 31/01/2020.

Registrations are closing on May, 1st 2020.

Applications received after March 31st will be accepted according to available space remaining in the ateliers and the possibilities of accommodation.

You shall receive a letter of confirmation to validate your application. Registration shall only be deemed final upon reception of your advance payment.

We offer discount to registred members of A Coeur Joie, and to youth choirs under conditions.

For individual participants, the indicated cost includes the musical programme only.
Board and lodging are optional and shall incur an additional cost.

For constituted groups, the indicated cost is for the full package, including board and lodging, and the musical programme.

Cheques in Euros shall only be accepted when they originate from a French banking account. For the other countries from the Euro zone or outside the latter, we shall only accept bank money transfers. Please note that the bank transfer charges (in full) are for the account of the participant.

The advance payment (200 euros) is payable upon your application; the balance must be paid before June 15th 2020 for the individuals and before May 15th 2020 for the groups.

Cheques to be written to CHORALP BRIANÇON
and addressed to CHORALP – A Coeur Joie – CS 99261
F – 69264 Lyon Cedex 09

Bank transfers to be addressed to:

CHORALP Briançon,
Bank : Crédit Mutuel – Briançon

IBAN : FR76 1027 8090 7500 0200 2410 122 BIC: CMCIFR2A
Code Banque : 10278 Code Guichet : 09075
N°Compte : 00020024101 Clé RIB : 22

Country groups:

Group 1 : AT, AW, BE, CA, CH, DE, DK, ES, FI, FR, HK, IE, IL, IS, IT, JP, LU, NL, NO, SE, SG, UK, US
– Group 2 : AR, CG, CN, CO, CY, CZ, EE, GR, HU, MT, PE, PL, PT, SI, SK, TW et quelques autres pays Outre Mer
– Group 3 : AL, AM, BA, BG, BY, CS, GE, HR, KZ, LT, LV, MD, MK, RO, RU, TR, UA, YU

For further information, please contact : CHORALP BRIANÇON

Practical information

In view of the uncertainties in relation to Covid-19 and the still possible restrictions concerning groups gathering and/or travel across bordures we have no alternative but to cancel this 2020 Choralp session and to postpone it till next year (2021).

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of any query on choralp@gmail.com or inscriptions.choralp@gmail.com

Head office Choralp Briançon

MJC - 35 rue Pasteur - 05100 Briançon

Administration (mail)

Choralp Briançon / A Coeur Joie
CS 99261 - 69264 Lyon cedex 09
Tel : +33 (0)6 60 70 18 47