Rencontres chorales internationales
en Briançonnais

du 18 au 25 juillet annulé et reporté en 2021 - du 24 au 31 juillet

CHORALP : Participation fees

Cette page vous indique comment calculer vos frais de participation aux rencontres CHORALP.

Country groupsRegistered membersNon-membersAdvance payment
Groups 1-3320€350€200€

Note: fees including workshops, open singing and concerts, no meals nor accommodation.

Any application before January 31st gets a rebate tariff (refer to the registration sheet)

Meals (lunch and dinner): 150€ for the stay (13 meals). Special diets are not available

Lodging in a residence flat:

  • Double room (twin beds or couple*): 250€ for the stay (7 nights)
  • Single room in a residence flat: 360€ for the stay (7 nights)

Lodging in a hotel:

  • Double room: 320€ for the stay (7 nights)
  • Individual room (single bed): 440€ for the stay (7 nights)

* Double bed rooms for couple (please specify on the application form)

Country groupsRegistered membersNon-membersAdvance payment
Group 1610€650€200€
Group 2510€590€200€
Group 3410€490€200€

Note: All fees include the meals, the accommodation in rooms of two or more beds, the atelier, the open singing and the entrance to the concerts.

Youth choirs reduction:
we offer a 10% discount to the youth choirs (average under 27 years), when they belong to country group 1 or 2

Country groups:
 Group 1 : AT, AW, BE, CA, CH, DE, DK, ES, FI, FR, HK, IE, IL, IS, IT, JP, LU, NL, NO, SE, SG, UK, US
 Group 2 : AR, CG, CN, CO, CY, CZ, EE, GR, HU, MT, PE, PL, PT, SI, SK, TW et quelques autres pays Outre Mer
 Group 3 : AL, AM, BA, BG, BY, CS, GE, HR, KZ, LT, LV, MD, MK, RO, RU, TR, UA, YU

For further information, please contact: CHORALP BRIANÇON



Practical information

In view of the uncertainties in relation to Covid-19 and the still possible restrictions concerning groups gathering and/or travel across bordures we have no alternative but to cancel this 2020 Choralp session and to postpone it till next year (2021).

Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of any query on choralp@gmail.com or inscriptions.choralp@gmail.com

Head office Choralp Briançon

MJC - 35 rue Pasteur - 05100 Briançon

Administration (mail)

Choralp Briançon / A Coeur Joie
CS 99261 - 69264 Lyon cedex 09
Tel : +33 (0)6 60 70 18 47