Rencontres chorales internationales
en Briançonnais

du 18 au 25 juillet

Workshops at the international choir meetings CHORALP 2020

The 10th edition of this International Singing Week will host two musical ateliers that you’ll enjoy discovering, implementing repertoires conducted by internationally renowned chefs.

Full choirs, as well as Individual Singers, are all welcome to register to these workshops.

Participants may choose between the music workshops:

The workshops

Workshop 1 - Arthur Honegger King David (1921)

Biblical drama, written by René Morax. It was composed in a few months by the French-Swiss Arthur Honegger who looked for advice from Igor Stravinski when he was 29 years old.

A mixed choir, narrator, soloists and an orchestra of 17 instruments, form the three parts of this vast symphonic psalm whose choir part was written first to allow the amateur choir charged with this creation to have a sufficient number of rehearsals.

A major work of the choral repertoire, the workshop will be conducted by Valérie Fayet (Fr), who was already in charge of the Bernstein Atelier (Chichester Psalms) in 2014.

Workshop 2 - Sergueï Rachmaninov Vespers (1915) - (Extracts)

Night Vigils Op. 37, as per its original name, it is an a cappella composition as the tradition of orthodox liturgy requires. The first six movements correspond to vespers in the Liturgy of the Hours and are followed by Matins.

This 4 voices mixed choir is completed by a deep bass (deep b flat !). Some pieces provide for a division of voices.

The workshop will be led by a specialist in orthodox music: Marie-Claude Remy (BE). The Ljubljana Academy of Music Chamber Choir shall participate as a clinic choir in support for this workshop.

In each workshop, a pilot choir that is already conversant with the scores will assist the registered participants in the repertoire learning process.

Both ateliers are bilingual (French and English).

Rehearsals to be held every morning from 09:00 to noon and in the afternoon from 14:00 to 16:30.
One afternoon during the week is kept free so as to allow sight seeing of the city and surroundings.


The scores of the workshops will be on sale at Choralp / A Coeur Joie and they may be ordered directly at a date to be specified later

Choralp / À Cœur Joie
Les Passerelles
24 avenue Joannes Masset
CS 99261 – 69264 LYON cedex 09

Note that scores will not be dispatched after June 30 for those who would have ordered them in Lyon.
However they may be purchased on site in Briançon upon arrival.

Registration is open

To individual singers as well as complete choirs

Practical information

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